General Information prior to admission to the Cattery.


Booking: Please attempt to give as much notice of booking as possible, as this will help to ensure that a place is available.

Boosters: Please try to ensure that your boosters are given on a regular basis. If your boosters are not carried out within the specified period, you will have to begin all over again with a full course of vaccinations, and this could lead to a delay in admission and extra expense incurred by you. Note: keep an eye on your cat for symptoms of cat flu, as the vaccine is not 100% reliable.

Fleas: Two weeks prior to admission, stand your pet over a piece of white paper and comb through the hair. If a reddish brown gritty substance falls onto the paper, it is very likely that your pet has fleas. In such cases it is recommended that you visit your vet to ensure the best treatment. If your animal is found to have fleas whilst in the care of the cattery, you as the responsible owner will incur the cost of treatment for your pet and for the fumigation of the chalet.

Grooming: Grooming of cats is done as instructed on your booking form. Some cats are prone to matting, especially longer haired animals. Every care will be taken to groom such animals (at extra expense to the owner) but it must be considered that some cats do not react well to other people grooming them whilst away from home. As such, cats with matted hair will be given whatever grooming will be tolerated, but no promises will be made that your cat will go home looking perfect, as consideration must be given to the stress levels of the cat foremost. Knots and matted areas are generally teased apart rather than cutting. There are 2 reasons for this – reduction of injury, and hair re growth is less conspicuous when the hair is not cut.

Handling: Not all cats enjoy being handled, and we appreciate that cats differ in their individual needs. Cats who enjoy being cuddled will be given lots, but cats who prefer not to be handled will be given individual time when they will be spoken to and encouraged to play and develop a relationship with staff members.

Feeding: When your cat comes into the cattery it may decide that it does not want to eat at first. Do not worry about this, as it is normal due to the change in environment and cats usually come around to eating after not too long. Your cat may gain a little weight whilst in care due to a lesser amount of exercise than they would if they were out and about climbing trees. We have installed the ‘climbing pole’ for that purpose and will stimulate each cat with attention through play in periods throughout the day, but any excess weight gained will soon be lost when they get back to normal exercise.

Transportation: Please bring a suitable carrier with a secure fastening on the door of the cage. The carrier may need to be used in the case of evacuation, and will ensure the safe re location of your pet. The carrier will be left at the cattery during the boarding period and will be tagged with yours and your cats name.

Terms and Conditions:

VETERINARY CERTIFICATE: A current veterinary certificate of vaccination and/or booster will be required for inspection at the time of admission. These must have been carried out at least 14 days prior to boarding.

VACCINES: No cat will be accepted unless it has been vaccinated against Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu. The vaccines listed below are those used to guard against Cat Flu. If your cat has not been inoculated with one of these, it will not be accepted for boarding unless given a cover note by your veterinary surgeon.

1. C. Vet FVRC Vaccine.
2. Vet Feli Flu Vaccine.
3. Duphar Katavac CHV.
4. TVL Vaxitas FVRV.
5. Mansi Flu Vaccine.

*Flea and worm treatments are advised at least one week before the admission date.

HYGIENE: For hygiene reasons all bedding and toys are supplied by the Cattery. We therefore do not accept owner’s belongings.

PAYMENT: All accounts are due in advance of boarding. For long-term boarders the account is prompt monthly in advance. In the event of the customer not settling the account within one month, the Cattery have the right to assume ownership of the animal and take any action which is deemed appropriate.
All animals are charged for on the date of arrival, regardless of the time of arrival. On the day of departure, if the animal is collected before 10.30am, no charge will be made for that day.

BOOKINGS AND CANCELLATIONS: Bookings are regulated to maintain individual attention so that early reservations are necessary for Summer and other peak periods. No provisional bookings can be accepted. Reservations will be charged for the full period booked unless, through exceptional circumstances, cancellation or variation of dates is agreed with sufficient time to re-let the accommodation. There will be a cancellation fee of £5.00 per animal.
Deposits are non-refundable.

CONTACT DETAILS: Owners must leave contact details upon admission, and details of a secondary contact in case of emergencies.

VETERINARY ATTENTION: Whilst animals boarded at Brandlesholme Farm receive every care and attention, they are boarded at the risk of the owner and the management of the Cattery can accept no liability.
Should the animal require treatment, the management reserve the right to call a veterinary surgeon and act upon their advice, the expense incurred to be met by the owner of the animal.
Fees for veterinary services have to be paid at the time of the treatment, therefore the cattery will settle the payment, which must be paid in full by the owner upon collection of their pet. If payment is not made, the proprietor reserves the right to refuse collection and retain the animal at the cattery until such time as payment is made.
The proprietor should be informed of any recent illness or of any characteristic of health or habit, which could give rise to concern.
There will also be a charge of 40p per mile for the travel of your pet to the surgery. Treatment will be given at the discretion of the vet.
Although the Cattery has a strict security and safety policy, all boarders are left on the understanding that we have limited liability (for details please request to see a copy of our insurance) for the overall or specific well being of the animal in our care due to accident, fire, theft, loss or other natural or unnatural act (force majour).

MALE CATS: All male cats over 7 months old must be neutered.

CAT FLU DISCLAIMER: Cat Flu is a distressing illness, which can occasionally be brought into boarding catteries. Our staff work hard to maintain the highest level of cleanliness. When you bring your pet to Brandlesholme Farm, you have the right to expect that he or she will be will be well cared for and returned to you happy and healthy. Of course that is our aim.

Brandlesholme Farm is fully insured against a range of problems that may occur in the day-to-day running of the business. Unfortunately we or our insurers can no longer accept responsibility or liability for costs arising from future outbreaks of Cat Flu once your cat has left our care. This does not interfere with your statutory rights.

As such, all clients must ensure their animal is vaccinated against FHV (feline herpes virus) and FCV (feline calicivirus) the two main Cat Flu viral carriers. Please note that vaccination is not 100% effective against some of the mutated strains of Cat Flu.

CHALETS: A standard chalet may house up to 2 cats from the same family, however family units are available (subject to availability) for more than 2 cats at an extra cost.