The Cattery

Paramount to us is the well being of your pet whilst in our care, and as such we offer a modern, heated and well ventilated cattery unit with plenty of space and areas of interest to climb and keep active.
There are ‘germ purifying ventilation units’ located in the cattery building which reduce the risk of the spreading of bacteria and germs.
Each of the sleeping quarters are individually heated with a comfortable bedding area and hygienic litter tray. We also offer family units to reduce the stress of separation, which may house up to four cats per unit.

Grooming and Playtime

There is a separate grooming area where your cat may receive that little bit of extra attention. We like to think of it as the day spa!.
A daily grooming session can be arranged to relax your cat and to help the settling in process, or you may want to arrange extra daily ‘playtime’, when specific one to one time is given to your pet for extra cuddles and entertainment with cat friendly toys.

Individual Records

We respect that each cat has their own individual personality and pride ourselves in giving as much one to one care as possible. Records are kept on a daily basis, to give information of dietary requirements, grooming needs, medical charts and any special care which may have been requested, to ensure that we give the best care possible.

TV or view of the Farm?

To give your cat the feeling of home, we have lcd televisions with a choice of ‘animal friendly’ dvd’s, or a view of the schooling arena where the farm horses are exercised may be preferable.
There is also relaxing background music to create a tranquil atmosphere. There are heated pads and stimulating activity units and toys available, so you can be reassured that your cat will enjoy his or her holiday with us.


Your cat is fully insured whilst in our care and the cattery is fully licensed by Bury Metro and is inspected twice a year, so you can rest assured that the quality of service is of a high standard. The cattery is set in the grounds of our adjoining stable yard and is next to the house of the owner of the business itself, so there is a trained member of staff on site 24 hours a day throughout the year.

Come and see us!

We invite our customers to phone and have a chat with us to ask any questions or queries. You can book an appointment to view a chalet so you can see our facilities. This will ensure that you are completely comfortable with your forthcoming arrangements.

Finally, we understand that that leaving your pet while you are away from home can be a stressful time. As a valued customer you can be sure that stroking, cuddles and love (for your pet not you!) come as part and parcel of our service, so please come and visit us.